Mollie Cutler has always been drawn to the unusual beauty of natural contour. She believes shapes occurring in nature have a unique vivacity to them, a life force conveyed through their imperfections. Working with metal, specifically in the field of jewelry, gives her an opportunity to incorporate many unique materials and integrate them into the design of objects that are used to adorn the human canvas.

Her desire to explore notions of  beauty comes across in a variety of ways through the process and composition of her work. Fluid organic shapes and fine materials are combined and contrasted with structured, traditional designs to highlight the similarities and differences between humanity and nature; the expected and the unusual. The ultimate goal of Mollie Cutler's jewelry consists of melding the classic, established ideals of “beautiful” materials with the carnality and flawed allure of living figures.

Mollie Cutler received her BFA with Honors in Jewelry and Metal Design from the University of Iowa. She currently lives in Los Angeles. All of her jewelry is handmade in her studio.